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10 questions to ask before hiring your DJ

Q: Are you guaranteed the DJ of your choice the day of your event?
A: A written contract with your specific DJ protects you from unscrupulous operators.

Q: How many years of experience do you have?
A: Experience brings knowledge of common problems and situations.

Q: May we call your references?
A: References are a major part of the entertainment business. Please feel free to check them out.

Q: Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?
A: An involved business person shows a willingness to learn, network and share ideas. Belonging to a professional trade group reflects a caring attitude. Sean Paul and his company, Royal Entertainment, are part of the American Disc Jockey Associateion and National Associate of Mobile Entertainers.

Q: Will you allow requests?
Requests will be welcome only at your request. At some events in order to maintain the flow and stay on schedule you may not want your guests to make musical requests. However, this will depend on the type of event, whatever you would prefer. If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection.

Q: How early will you be there to set up?
A: At least 60 minutes should be allowed for setup and sound check. There is no additional charge for this service.

Q: How will you be dressed?
A: Proper attire reflects a positive immage to your guests. Normal attire is shirt and vest, however, a tuxedo can be worn if requested or semi-casual attire if the occasion calls for it.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Insurance is a part of any legitimate business. Liability and casualty policies protect yourself, your guests and your DJ company. To view a copy of my insurance please CLICK HERE.

Q: Do you use professional gear?
A: Using professional sound equipment (including pro CD players) helps insure reliable service and quality presentation. To view a picture of my equipment, please CLICK HERE.

Q: Will you provide an emergency back-up system at our event?
A: Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and special events are often once in a lifetime opportunities. A back-up system protects your investment. Yes, I always bring at least two systems to every event.

Other common questions

Q: Do you have sample lists of songs?
A: Yes, I can provide you with sample lists for all types of dances or you may search my online music database HERE. If there is a song that you want that is not on the list, please do not worry it may already be part of my music library or if not I will be able to obtain it. If you have CDs with music that you want to include I can also make those songs part of your event.

Q: Why should I choose you over another DJ or DJ company?
A: I am dedicated to ensuring that you have "Your Day Your Way".

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, a deposit of 3% is required to secure your date.

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